Some features and benefits of My Doula service:

  • Providing CONTINUITY OF CARE a most important ingredient to a secure labor.  I will be with you before, during and after your birth as a constant source of calm.
  • Helping the birthing family to negotiate the transition from the home to the hospital
  • In the hospital, helping the laboring mother/couple understand and smoothly navigate normal medical routines and protocols
  • Offering an atmosphere and intention of complete support and co-operation with your care provider and birth professionals
  • Supporting mother’s labor by application of the tried and true, as well as some new physical comfort measures
  • Providing assurance with information, a constant stream of encouragement, and support to help reduce anxiety, worry and fear
  • Enhancing and supporting mother’s mental and emotional preparation and her focus in labor
  • Providing constant support to your partner.  The goal is to lessen stress hormones and increase the partner’s ability to participate fully and confidently
  • Fostering the spirit of joy and cooperation among the birthing family, nurses, doctors and hospital staff
  • Developing trust, calm and confidence in your evolving roles
  • Offering information, communication and support with all parties involved in your birth to create a trusting, calm environment
  • Managing family members’ expectations according to your wishes
  • Maintaining always the spirit of positive potentiality and an atmosphere of love and peace.