My Doula Service

I have attended over 300 births as a trained Birth Doula in hospitals and homes, including two years as an Apprentice Midwife in an independent birth center.  Through the understanding gained by varied birth circumstances, personalities and experiences, my goal is to soften the experience, encourage the family through the difficult challenges, and rejoice with them at their amazing accomplishments.


I fully support a mother in her choices regarding medication and interventions.  I can help her understand her options at any point so that she can arrive at decisions that are most comfortable for her.


Initial Interview

I offer a complimentary initial interview in your home.  You, your partner and I can discuss your plans and expectations, and you can determine if you want my assistance at your birth.


Prenatal Preparation Meetings

I believe that the three prenatal preparation meetings (approximately 2 hours each) will encourage our mutual understanding.  We will get to know one another, review your birth plans and discuss the role I will play in supporting you through your birth.  We can also discuss your plans for post partum care.  I have an extensive library of birth education videos and books to share with you and am interested in bringing you the best information about the birth experience at the location and with the care providers of your choosing.  This is your birthing experience, and we will work together to make it perfect for you.


Birth Support

I will be with you when you are in labor and feel the need for my support, and I will participate fully at your home in early labor or at the hospital.  I will be with you while you birth and  the following  two hours post partum. I will help you with initial breast feeding and your recovery.


I offer acupressure massage, visualizations, and guided meditation and breathing, audio, water and aromatherapy. I love to take great birth photos as well.


Partner support is essential to your full feeling of safety, so I work with you both to bring out the best in your preparation plans and your vision so that you both experience little stress or fear.  I can give your partner a “break” for meals and to sleep if necessary so that he/she can be fully present and energized to care for your little one during the first few hours.


Post Partum Support

I offer up to three post partum sessions which are included in my birth fee and may include any or all of the following:  We delight in the wonders of your newborn and can also have a full discussion of how the birth went for you both.  In reviewing the birth I can answer any questions you may have and discuss your amazing experience.


Of course, attention must be given to ensuring that you have a good start with your breast feeding..  I offer excellent lactation support from the first moments and on into the first weeks so that you and your baby can work through any issues that may come up. The result shouls be a satisfying and successful breastfeeding relationship.


I am a Newborn Care Instructor and a Newborn Massage Instructor.  I take great pleasure in offering you personal instruction in infant care including newborn massage, spa bathing and swaddling.  I also focus my attention on the needs of the new mother by offering a post partum massage and meal preparation, as well as overall parenting inspiration.


On-going Post Partum Care

Additional daytime, post partum care is available on an hourly basis should you wish it.  I like to be available to my birth clients only for this service.


Phone Contact

Of course, I offer on-going phone support so that you can call me should you have any questions about your pregnancy, needs and care.  I like to stay in close touch during the last few weeks of your pregnancy, hearing the developments after each visit with your care provider. We will discuss your specific needs as labor approaches and is imminent, as well as when you arrive home with your baby.