Childbirth and Newborn Care Educator


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Childbirth Preparation Instructor, BirthWays, Inc. 2005 - 2011

With Lamaze Educator Certification and my Doula experiences in birthing, I offer the latest and most comprehensive education in birth preparation.

In my Birth Preparation classes I teach women how to have a “home birth in the hospital”.  This is for increasing population of birthing couples who want the security of a hospital birth but hope to have a birth as naturally as possible.

Many women in my classes say they want to attempt to have an un-medicated birth, but if it becomes too difficult then they are not against having drugs.  This is being practical and realistic. Women need to feel fully supported and prepared with information and pain coping techniques so that they can have the birth they wish.  In a hospital under the care of a doctor or midwife, they can have the best of medical technology and should feel free to avail themselves of all of it or none of it based on preferences and circumstances.

Preparation, support and flexibility are all important components to achieving the optimum birth experience.  My classes cover all aspects of birthing in home, hospital or birth center, and fully prepare families to have the best birth possible.

Newborn Care Instructor, BirthWays, Inc. 2000 – 2011

I have worked with newborns and their families for 6 years as a post partum night Doula, assisting new families with the smooth transition from hospital to home and assisting in breastfeeding, bathing, swaddling, feeding, burping, comforting, sleeping and overall baby and mother care.

I will help you to enjoy your “Baby Moon” time.  In the same way a honeymoon provides a private time and place for a new couple to bond and establish their intimate relationship, the Baby Moon, is a sacred time for you to get to know your new baby and recover from the birth.

This very special time is better if you have good information and support beforehand, including knowledge of the fundamentals of infant care and also information about subtle issues and challenges of the new family.